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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Military Wife Kate Pays Tribute to Nation's Heroes - hellomagazine.com

Accompanied by Princes William and Harry, Kate held back tears at the glittering ceremony, organised by the Sun, in London's Imperial War Museum.

She was particularly moved by the account of Para Scott Meenagh, 22, who has been "living for two" ever since surviving an exploding mine. A friend who shielded him from the blast died. But it was Harry, giving his most mature speech yet, who summed up the spirit of the evening.

"It’s often said of our Armed Forces that they are ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Well, I don’t entirely buy that.

"Ordinary people don’t brave monsoon conditions dangling on a winch line to rescue 13 people, each in turn.
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Military wife Kate pays tribute to nation's heroes - hellomagazine.com

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