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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Prince William and his team Brave Storm to Try to Rescue Man Swept into Blackpool Icy Sea

Caption Top: Rescue operation: Prince William joined the coastguard in Blackpool in the search of a missing man swept into the sea in the first hours of 2013
The Duke of Cambridge and three fellow Sea King crew members flew in from RAF Valley on Anglesey, North Wales to aid in the rescue operation to find a 41-year-old dog-walker who had been sent into the icy water by a wave.

Caption: Duty: Prince William flies a Sea King helicopter as an RAF search and rescue pilot and was on a 24-hour 'readiness state' shift' on New Year's Eve when he and his team was called in to help search for the man
Whilst his wife, pregnant Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, shared a non-alcoholic toast with her family in Bucklebury, Berkshire, Prince William was on a 24-hour 'readiness state' shift when 2013 arrived.

Prince William and his team braved 50mph winds to provide light for the lifeboats thrashing around in the 5ft waves below.

The RAF helicopter was called to the scene a few hours into the new year and spend 90 minutes searching the waters off the coast of Blackpool, but were stood down due to the weather, the Daily Mirror reported.

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