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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wills and Kate Continue Tour of the Beautiful Solomon Islands

Caption: Dressed up: Kate was said to love the (gift) strapless dress with pink and orange batik design

The Duchess of Cambridge had a last-minute change of wardrobe when she ditched plans to wear to the banquet a dress she had brought from London and chose instead one that she had just been given by her Solomon Islands hosts.

$10 on your order of $60 or more of Mrs. Beasley's baskets at Cheryls.com! Coupon Code: SHAREShe made the switch just half an hour before the banquet when she walked into her room at the hotel in Honiara and discovered that the government had left her a strapless dress with a bright pink and orange batik design. 'She tried it on, she loved it and she is wearing it,” said a royal aide.

The dress came from a shop called Island Print. Read more: Read Full Post from DAILY MAIL

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